The Night That Unites
Haggadah for Passover - Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider

Haggadah for Passover - Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider

"So this is, at least in my opinion, the best new Haggadah of the year, and I recommend that you bring it to your table on Seder night. It is the next best thing to having three of the giants of Jewish life sitting there with you."

Rabbi Jack Riemer, South Florida Jewish Journal

". . . . hands down the best new entry of the year. . . . I learned a lot, and considering that I’ve reviewed a dozen Haggadot in each of the last six years, that’s saying something."

 Jay Michaelson, the Jewish Daily Forward

"You understand more and feel more and want to read on and on. Lucidly and lovingly written, beautifully illustrated and stunningly produced"


Steve Reich, World renowned composer, Pulitzer Prize Winner


For me, Rabbi Goldscheider's Haggadah is entirely unique. "The Night that Unites," speaks directly to me, my needs and, I believe, the needs of many who are looking for an easily comprehensible profoundly intelligent Haggadah.

Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, Founder and Director, National Jewish Outreach Program

Thanks to this wonderful Haggadah, a Haggadah rich with three different worlds of thought, we are brought to the understanding that unity does not mean loving one another despite our differences, but rather that unity means that I see how close and similar we truly are beneath all our differences.

Reb Shlomo Katz, Internationally Acclaimed Musician and Spiritual Teacher